Still Life

Top banana
Spiral Tap
Peace not war
Miami Slice
Peace not war #2
As the world burns
Trimming the roses
Lighten up man
Best part of waking up 2
Best part of waking up
Bridge in a bottle
Vases 1
Honey Drip
Sunny Side UP
A good night
Pomegranate 1
Those were the days
Apple Peeler #2
All things Onion
Forks and Spools
Apples 2
Pears on a scale
textures and tones
Carrots 3
Pear on a scale 2
a cupful
Family Reonion
Tango Mango
Tango Mango 2
Rainy Day Coloring
Just the essentials 2
Clock 2
Cherries and grapes
Weigh Station
Lightning bug lantern
Pear 2
Veronica 2
vintage camera
A good start
Arcade Shoe Repair Lincoln IL
Pear 3
Pear and Cherry 2
Calla Lily
Weigh Station2
using life's lemons
Lemons on blue
Apple Cider
olive oil
Radishes 1
Radishes 2
Carrots 1
Carrots 2
Slow Roasted # 4 with Love