Photo Art

Abe Courthouse 1
State Champs 2024
Beason Chestnut 4 2024
5th Street Crib 5 24
Abe Courhouse 2
5th Street Crib with Moon 5 24
Top banana
Impressionist crib
Rusty morning
Love Shack
Ohio Pass
Keep me where the light is
Bethel Cemetery
twin lakes
Inside the Bridge 72722
The last hole
Dad sharpened
Bethel Cemetery 2
Bethel Cemetery 3
Don't fence me in
always a few stubborn ones
Miami Slice
Trimming the roses
This little light of mine
Lighten up man
Best part of waking up 2
Best part of waking up
Bridge in a bottle
Revelation Road Trip
Vases 1
Honey Drip
Sunny Side UP
A good night
Swing Grove Sunset
Apple Peeler #2
Apples 2
Pears on a scale
textures and tones
Carrots 3
Pear on a scale 2
a cupful
Family Reonion
Tango Mango
Tango Mango 2
Rainy Day Coloring
Just the essentials 2
Clock 2
Cherries and grapes
Weigh Station
Lightning bug lantern
Tombstone AZ
Inner Harbor Baltimore
Folding Rule
Cunningham Falls MD
Cathedral Rock Sedona AZ
Lake Tahoe
US 50 Utah
Kickapoo Park Lincoln IL
Gates Pass Tucson AZ
Inner Harbor Baltimore 2
Cathedral Rock Sedona AZ 2
Apache Sitgreaves  AZ
Apache Sitgreaves  AZ 2
Apache Sitgreaves  AZ 3
US 50 Utah 2
Lincoln Quote
Pear 2
Veronica 2
vintage camera
Carpenter Park Springfield IL
Sweetwater IL
Lincoln Statue Lincoln IL
Vandalia IL
Bings Diner Cottonwood AZ
Chicago River  Chicago IL
USS Constellation Baltimore MD
Dot's Diner Bisbee AZ
Goodfield IL
Balloon Fest Lincoln IL
Ashcroft CO 2
Jerome AZ
Golden Crown Vandalia IL
Bethel IL 2
Kickapoo Park 2 Lincoln IL
Hat Shop Bisbee AZ
Chuck Wagon Middletown IL
Triumph Chopper
Cover them all with 1 blanket
Synchronicity Springfield Mile
Bike Shop Bisbee AZ
Indian Bisbee AZ
Springfield Mile
Springfield Mile 2
Parrott Trucking
Get Wood
Rust never sleeps
Wrecking Crew 2018
A good start
Elkhart Hill Elkhart IL
Arcade Shoe Repair Lincoln IL
sunset crib
Pastel Sunset Emden IL
Springfield Mile 3
Springfield Mile 4
Springfield Mile 5
Springfield Mile 6
Springfield Mile 7
Pear 3
Pear and Cherry 2
McCormick Deering
McCormick Deering 2
McCormick Deering 3
Calla Lily
Bisbee 5 & 10
Hello there
Harvest Moon
Gates Pass 3 Tucson AZ
Weigh Station2
using life's lemons
Lemons on blue
Apple Cider
olive oil
Funks Grove
After the storm
Beason Chestnut 2
Radishes 1
Carrots 1
Carrots 2
Full flower super moon 5 26 21
Midwest Summer
Crooked Crib 1
Crooked Crib 2
Beason Chestnut 3
Ashcroft CO crop
Weston Pass
Vintage Courthouse #2
Slow Roasted # 4 with Love